Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Join The Resistance Against The Status Quo

Tired of hearing the same old adage "we've always done it this way" which leads to nowhere but the status quo? At Centric, we are tired of it!

Join the resistance against the status quo at Indianapolis' Day of Innovation conference on August 28.

Innovation is not just about launching a brand new product on the market. It is a mindset that leads to the implementation of ideas.

Day of Innovation will feature keynote speaker Jeff Baxter, co-founder of Steely Dan and lead-guitarist of the Doobie Brother. Baxter is now a consultant for the Pentagon on counter-terrorism. He will teach the audience how to think non-linear in a linear world.

Speaking of (national) security, companies must keep an (innovative) eye on this matter. Jeremy Morton and Tom Baldwin, two executives at Stanley Security, will share with us how to keep abreast of change and remain the industry leader in innovation.

Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will talk about the future of one of the most iconic sports venues in the world, host of the Indianapolis 500.

You can be innovative in marketing in one of the oldest sports in the world... soccer. Peter Wilt from Indy Eleven, Indianapolis' new NASL professional soccer team, will share with us how his team developed an innovative grass-roots and non conventional marketing campaign to defeat all odds and sell record season tickets.

You can be a product or device focused company but still genuinely care about your end users, in Roche's case, their patients. Laura Spiegel will tell the story of Roche's LifeMap Experience to say "no" to the status quo in Diabetes care.

Want to discover Google's behind-the-scene culture of innovation? We won't bring Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson (they are not available, sorry!), but we'll have a true Xoogler (read: ex-Googler) - Joe Van Deman -  to share some secrets.

Because we don't believe in the conventional way of thinking, our panel will bring a espresso shot of disruption to challenge the status quo. Expect (good) chaos!

Finally, Day of Innovation will celebrate Indiana's most innovative organizations with the Indiana Innovation Awards ceremony.

Join the resistance against the status quo!

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